Chapter 11: Learning by Ourselves and with Others

This was the final chapter from Anne Davies’ book, and as such there was no questions at the end of the chapter. Instead, I will provide my understandings and interpretations from this chapter.

This chapter centres on the idea of educators learning together in a form of a support group. These groups are called learning teams, professional learning communities or learning circles. The idea is that every member of the group will contribute to the discussion and thus improve the knowledge of the group from his or her experiences with any given topic. This form of support group is beneficial to teachers because it provides additional insights they would otherwise be without. Colleagues can discuss the various supports available to help meet professional goals.

This chapter was very short and to the point. Since it is concise, my interpretation will follow that manner. I think that support groups are essential to surviving, especially in teaching. In our private lives we have friends to talk to and discuss matters of importance, and it is equally significant to do the same with colleagues or mentors. The field of education will have many uncertainties for teachers because it is very hard to determine what the students are getting from the day to day lessons, and finding a support group to talk about ideas and activities that work or do not work is vital to survival. I like this idea and I hope that my future school has a learning circle that I can be a part of!

My question to you: does your school have a support group for teachers? Tell me about it.

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