Classroom Experiences

Welcome to my classroom! The photographs below are from my classroom during my Pre-Internship field placement. For the majority of the experience I taught ELA B10, but I also taught ELA 20 for two of the three weeks, and I even taught and observed lessons with the Life Transitions 20 class. I learned a lot from this experience ranging from classroom management with a class of 33 and one with 21, giving clear instructions, giving feedback, and something I was especially proud to improve on, evaluating student work! This classroom is overflowing with the teacher’s personal touches to make the atmosphere comfortable, resources like dictionaries, extra copies of plays or even teacher resources line the shelves, and student work decorates the walls. While the students sit in rows to manage easily, it is not difficult to rearrange them for paired or group work. Welcome to my classroom, where the teacher learns as much as the students!

IMG_2434IMG_2435 IMG_2436

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