Summary of Learning: A Closer Look at WGST

This is my final post for my Women’s and Gender Studies project. To help me visualize my learning I created a word cloud of my most common words and the focus of my posts.

First of all, I want to try to make sense of my project. As an aspiring teacher, I feel the need to address the problems that hypersexualization cause, as well as the systemic oppression of females. I wanted to extend my learning about issues regarding sexuality, gender differences/gender equality, etc.. I also want to be able to teach tolerance, teach inclusively, and teach about diversity. Because of this, I tried to focus on issues that impact females more than males. I also spent some time providing information about MMIW for ELA 20 and A30.

I decided to do a culminating activity to help gather my thoughts and this video below is the result. I used the sheets of paper in “Amanda Todd” fashion, not only because she was part of my project, but also because I wanted my words to “speak louder” than my appearance.

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