What is this category page?

This category serves to function as a space to collect all of my ideas about Social Justice. I will look at the “isms,” such as race, gender/sexual orientation, class, religion, exceptionalities, and so much more. I will strive to look critically within myself and society. I will challenge and call out my own beliefs, and then ask others to do the same.

Today I became a member of a wonderful group called STARSRegina (follow us on Twitter #STARSRegina or go to starsregina.ca for more information). This acronym stands for Student Teachers Anti-Racist/Anti-Oppressive Society. We are a group of students, mainly education students, at the U of R who are trying to make the world a more understanding and equitable place, one view at a time. Our website contains a collection of our thoughts and ideas, as well as some resources for teaching anti-oppressive education. We want to provide our future students with a fair and equitable education, and believe that everyone should find success as a learner.

Please support us by being allies in our work and join our network to further increase our knowledge and give us multiple perspectives. Also, if you have resources for any of these “isms” or other perspectives, such as Indigenous Ways of Knowing or Treaty Education, please go to our site and add them!


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