Wonton Soup

So this time I am going to make Wonton Soup! I am a little embarrassed to say that I had never tried this classic Chinese dish. Well that ends now! It was super yummy and really easy to make. Filling the wontons took the most amount of time, but it really wasn’t very much. I had a huge pot of soup ready in no time at all.

I got the recipe that I used from a website that I use quite a lot called All Recipes. It was just a list of ingredients and very basic directions. There were no photos or videos, although this site often has them available, so I was a little disappointed.

The first video I watched used the “bunching” technique. I thought it was quite simple and easy to do, but I noticed that without an egg wash (or water) to seal the edges it kind of just opened up on its own before I even cooked them. If I had cooked them like that then I think all of the filling would have fallen out of the wrappers.

I kept on looking to see what was out there, and found this second video. I liked this one quite a bit. I have seen this lady’s channel “Eat Now Cry Later” before and she is really good as a learning resource. This video also told me something that my other sources did not. These wrappers get dried out really easy and will then be hard to work with (ha! pun not intended). If you keep a damp cloth over the wraps in between uses and the finished wontons it will prevent them from drying out. She uses the other two methods that I discussed in my video. I realized after watching it again that her hands were wet and that is how she sealed the points of the tortellini. Mine also looked bigger than hers. I’m not sure if that was a result of how I made it or if we had different sized wonton wrappers.

So I’ve already mentioned that I tried a couple of methods. Let me give you a run down of what these look like. Sorry, but I forgot to take pictures of the individual wontons in stages and each method! You’ll have to settle for watching my video this time! 😉

1. “Bunching” – Begin by placing the wrap in front of you like a square with a teaspoon or so of filling in the centre. Then simply begin bunching the sides together. I found that they began to spread out, so I simply put egg wash on the sides of the wrapper before bunching them.

2. “Tortellini” – Again, begin by placing the wrap in front of you like a square with a teaspoon of filling in the middle. Then spread a bit of egg wash around all four sides. Fold the wrap diagonally to make a triangle, lightly squeezing out any air pockets as you do so. Then pick up the triangle and with your pointer finger make an indent at the middle where the filling is. As the sides begin to point out (looking more like an upside down V than a triangle now), grab them and attach with a little bit of egg wash.

3. “Envelope” – Start with placing the wrap in front of you like a square and putting a teaspoon or so of filling in the centre. Using the same method as the others, fold over to create a triangle while making sure to press out any air. Then fold the bottom sides over one another. If you check out my post about making Spring Rolls you will see that this method is exactly the same, minus the rolling part. Plus, I have pictures on that post!

I tried all three methods but found that I liked the bunched technique the best, so long as I added egg wash to make it stick together! It looks more traditional and they were more bite-size than the others. Then they go into a pot of boiling water for 5 min. I took this advice from the second video and made the broth separately. All I did for the broth was add chicken stock to water and some green onion. I think that next time I would follow the second video more closely there. She uses fresh ginger in her soup. I have come to love that taste and smell! Also, I think I would add thinly sliced carrots to give it a little bit more substance.


As always, be sure to check out my video below!

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