Week Three: Teachers and Knowledge

Field Logs – Week Three: Teachers and Knowledge

Core Questions: How do you see teachers honouring different ways of knowing? How do you see teachers promoting knowledge in the classroom? What are the current issues in education that teachers are talking about in schools? What are the key supports that teachers rely on? What role does technology play in professional knowledge?

            Mrs. Gilroy-Beck uses different methods to teach her verbal, interpersonal, intrapersonal, or visual learners. To accommodate these learners she reads to the students and asks questions, divides them into pairs or groups to work together, allows time for the students to do their own reflections on the topics, and uses visual aids to assist her teaching, such as projects that consist of building models. She promotes learning through encouragement, displaying posters or classwork on the walls and having the students individually record their assignments. She gives them a checklist for all of their assignments, where they can write a check or place a sticker so that they can record what they have accomplished.

            Currently educators are concerned about several issues. One is that in recent years many programs for special needs have been cut, such as FIAP. Mrs. Gilroy-Beck explained that the budget had to find other ways to supplement expenses. One way was to cut these programs, and as a result, integration in classrooms is required. In addition, the number of EA’s decreased. In this school there are two EA’s that are shared between all of the classrooms. This raises major concern as there is a student with autism and one with polio who require additional help, but they cannot have an EA assigned to them because of the needs throughout the school.

Teachers rely on supports such as Intervention First, the Saskatchewan learning curriculum, a school social worker, librarians, ESL teachers, administration, and other colleagues. Intervention First is a group that includes the principal, vice principal, school counsellor, and other teachers that can offer advice and step in when necessary. The Saskatchewan learning curriculum is mandated to link all teaching to outcomes. Mrs. Gilroy-Beck suggests a technological support, the Saskatchewan curriculum government website, as a source for knowledge about curriculum outcomes and resources. The resources have been improved recently, and she uses them quite often in her teaching. She prefers to use these resources so that she knows the students are achieving the outcomes, and thinks it is a good idea for teachers who are struggling.

Critical Triad Questions – Week Three: Teachers and Knowledge

  1. Would you use the website your teacher suggested?

            At first, I was not sure whether I would use the website as a support. However, after learning about what it has to offer teachers, and being shown how simple it is to navigate, I have reconsidered. The outcomes are clearly defined for each grade and subject, and additional resources are suggested.

  1. How does your teacher use the ECS 100 students as a support?

She uses us as supports by relying on us to be able to assist her in the classroom. Since there are no EA’s, she relies on us to help the students as best we can. We have taken different students, both individually and as groups, out of the classroom to work on reading and math lessons. For the reading, we did Oral Running Records with the students to help her complete the testing on schedule. We have also helped to do agenda message checks, spelling list checks, correct writing practice and math homework.

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