Week Six: Powerful Influences

Field Logs – Week Six: Powerful Influences

Core Questions: Why is school the way it is? What are you now more aware of? What do you see as the main tensions and dilemmas in education?

I think some of the most powerful influences are the students and the needs of those students, and the Ministry of Education, which dictates the core curriculum. It is obvious that students would have the most influence on education, and the issues concerning students and learning change curriculum. The parents are also a powerful influence because they can impact decisions made by local boards. Technology has also been a big influence on how we teach and it is constantly changing the way we use new resources that are available.

I that think currently the biggest dilemma in education is the lack of funding that is being allocated. Because of this, many important programs and staff have been cut. There have been major cuts to the number of teacher assistants that are available for teachers who have students with special needs. This adds stress to the classroom and affects student achievement. The other major tension is the constant discourse about more standardized testing, which also affects student achievement and adds stress.

Critical Triad Questions – Week Six: Powerful Influences

  1. Do you think more funding would solve the problems in education?

I think that if funding were not cut then there would not be a reduction in staff and other programs, such as ESL in some areas. There could still be other problems that are not directly related to funding, and as a result, it would not be a complete solution; however, it could improve student achievement by having additional assistance in the classroom.

  1. Does technology have a positive or negative influence on education?

Technology has the possibility to have a negative effect on education, but integrated properly into the curriculum and used in context it can be positive. I plan to use technology my classroom in a fun and meaningful way, and teach the students how when used appropriately technology can be a useful resource.

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