Week Seven: Interconnectedness of Knowledge, Schooling and Society

Field Logs – Week Seven: Interconnectedness of Knowledge, Schooling and Society

Core Questions: As you observed and interacted in your field experiences, how did the focus topics and questions connect with one another? What connections did you make personally and/or professionally to the “interconnectedness” of lecture, seminar, field experiences and assignments? How does this experience affect your journey to become a teacher?

I found it interesting that many of the core questions aligned with what was occurring in the schools, such as during the week of community the students were studying communities. This also occurred with the diversity week and the discussion about patkas. The lectures, seminars, and assignments were interconnected because the topics of the lecture were reviewed in the seminar and in turn, the seminar gave us new perspectives for our field experiences, which then affected the following lecture. The broad themes for each week seemed to be links to the following week. The first week was about learners, followed naturally by schools, and then teachers. Diversity and inclusion connected to the curriculum and instruction because of mandated curriculum and teaching in ways to include all students. These themes are affected by powerful influences, especially since learners are diverse and the need to include them is great. The weekly chapter readings and assignments connected the themes in the field experience to the lectures. There were chapters on learners, community, diversity, teaching strategies, and events that shaped education, in other words, powerful influences and dilemmas in education.

This experience has shaped my journey to becoming a teacher because of the perspective it has given me. I volunteered in a classroom last year, but without these themes to guide my experience I was only a tutor. I am thrilled with the awareness I have gained, and cannot wait for my next field experience to continue shaping my journey.

Critical Triad Questions – Week Seven: Interconnectedness of Knowledge, Schooling & Society

  1. If you had these questions in your previous volunteering, would you understand the concepts?

I think that the questions are extremely valuable to the field experience. It shapes your experience completely because without those ideas you are just volunteering because you enjoy it and not thinking about the issues. However, it would still be difficult to understand without the information gained in lectures and assignments.

  1. Was your previous volunteering similar to this one in terms of diversity and structure?

I volunteered at Mother Teresa Middle School, and the students there were very diverse. At that time, the school consisted only of grade six and staff. It is in a much smaller location because of its population, but the school is very involved in the community because the students are not from one area. They also have a variety of before and after school programs and implement technology into their lessons.

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