Week Five: Curriculum and Instruction

Field Logs – Week Five: Curriculum and Instruction

Core Questions: What is being taught and do the students see the meaning and relevance to their lives? What role does technology play in students’ learning?

The students are currently learning about communities: how they are developed, what is required to create a safe community, and the members that have roles within the community. They are also learning the difference between rural and urban areas. Many students understand this concept, and often compare aspects in the city, a small town, and a relative’s farm. The class has had several visitors, including parents, to teach the different roles community members’ play. These students are able to see the relevance in their lives, and as a project, they had to construct the buildings in their community in miniature form. From here, they discussed what the purpose of each building was and what the roles of the employees were.

One way technology is used in classrooms is as a way to document learning. It is very helpful to be able to create a document and have the ability to go back and revise it at any point. There are also technological programs that are designed to help students, such as those that read text aloud or record a student’s voice. The students in my field placement have learned how to create a blog with an older student partner, instead of journal writing. In addition, they watched video clips to analyze community member roles. The clips allowed the teacher to pause, reflect with her students, and rewind if necessary.

Critical Triad Questions – Week Five: Curriculum and Instruction

  1. Do you think you will use technology in a similar manner in your classroom?

I would use video clips, projectors and blogs in my classroom, but I would also like to use other programs, as well. With high school students, I want to learn to use Edmodo and survey websites so that my students can become more involved.

  1. What is another way the students can see the relevance of curriculum in their lives?

When they studied nutrition, the students learned about the digestive process and the food categories. Their project was to form groups and create a pretend restaurant with a healthy menu of snacks, which they prepared. This allowed them to be involved in learning what healthy food looked like. They are permitted to have a snack in the morning, and are encouraged to make it a healthy choice.


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