Saskatchewan School Attending Options

The following question was asked during my ECS 100 course, and below is my response.

Writing Prompt: Some argue that there are simply too many school-attending options for students in today’s society. Others further suggest that a province should have only one type of “public education”. Present an argument either defending or critiquing this view.

I believe that there should be more than one type of education available to residents in Saskatchewan. We are a diverse group, even for our size, and having the options to choose where our children can go to school is one thing that can attract more people to our province. The benefits of having different types of schooling are not just that parents can choose where to send their child, but what types of education the child will receive. This includes a faith based schooling or one that focuses on programs like the arts, or even a prestigious boarding school. The education is up to the parents and child to decide what is best for their needs, not the government to control. I believe that as long as there is interest for different types of schools they should be available. Simply having the option to go somewhere else or switch if you do not like it can benefit the students’ immensely. When a student becomes interested in what they are learning they will do better, and their schooling environment has a lot to do with this concept. If we get rid of these different schooling options and have one public education we will be limiting our students and their learning, and in turn harming our society.


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