I Believe Statements

I believe that…

teachers should do their best to avoid segregation in classrooms.

teachers should strive to be inclusive in teaching.

teachers should teach using a number of methods and strategies.

teachers should promote learning differences in terms of style.

teachers should believe all students have the capability to learn.

teachers should get to know students, but not become close friends.

teachers should not walk by students and allow them to be unnoticed.

teachers must understand and appreciate students’ learning and developmental needs.

teachers must be willing to learn about students’ abilities and disabilities.

students should feel comfortable asking for assistance.

students’ needs be met within the classroom.

students should be made to feel knowledgable and successful.

everyone has the ability to learn.

learning exists in “teachable moments” outside of school.

learning occurs everyday and is a lifelong process.

learning can occur when students are having fun.

hidden curriculum is just as important as formal curriculum.

all students are worth the extra effort.

teenagers can be inspired to learn, no matter what their initial attitudes may tell you.

education is one of the most valuable tools in life.

society is dependent on having citizens who are educated and informed in order to make significant contributions and help to develop their communities.

when teachers and students can reach compromises students will be more willing to learn.

I can and will be able to incorporate social justice issues into my teaching.

I will be able to connect to the various cultures in my classroom in respectful ways.

“teacher talk” can be constructive instead of destructive.

I can build strong relationships with my students.

I can use technology to capture the interest of my students.

I can help a student to continue their learning outside of school.

I can show students that I expect them to use their manners and be respectful.

I can show students that I have high expectations for them, and then encourage them to reach those expectations.

I believe that I can make a difference in my students’ lives and help them achieve their goals by being a good role model and truly caring about them as individuals.

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