Just Another Means to an End? Edtech and Social Justice Coming Together

Below is the prompt for this week’s blog post:

Edtech and Social Justice: Suggested prompt: How is edtech (educational technology) related to social justice? What can we do to make the Internet a more equitable place? (Or feel free to discuss today’s issues in general)

First of all, I have to beg the question: Are Edtech and Social Justice just another means to an end?

The answer, although you may disagree I will prove you wrong, is no. The two ideas are completely separate and yet so compatible that at times they may seem intricately connected. However, Edtech and Social Justice can teach about the other through working with one of them, so kind of yes too.

What I mean is that the more you learn about different social justice issues, the more you will realize how prominent it is within different social medias and technologies. The more you learn about technology, the more you will recognize the gaps of privilege and poverty in your society and world-wide.

A quick Google search will show that there is definitely a connection between educational technology and social justice. I clicked on one of these links. From my first glance it looks like this link is a collection of articles and sites that discuss the connections between these two concepts. There are even a few lesson plans. I signed up for it and from what I can gather, it operates a lot like Pinterest. I’m still new at that too, so correct me if I’m wrong! Anyways, I downloaded a chrome extension something-or-other for this Pearltrees and it pops up on my information bar right beside my Pinterest extension. This is why I made the connection. Then you are given a sort of board where you can add or connect all of these videos, articles – whatever you like really. You can share your board to Twitter or Google+ or wherever you like. I’m not quite sure how it operates because it did import a picture of me that I usually use for profile photos without me actually adding it…. hmm. You can also add other people’s entire collection as part of yours. That’s pretty cool if you like what they are doing, but if you are only interested in one aspect of it, maybe not so much. So because of the extension you can add sites or videos that are not exclusive to Pearltrees. I added a couple from our Google+ Community to try it out. This is a pretty cool tool to learn about both concepts and store information.

As for making the Internet a more equitable place, I am a strong believer in the old adages that “one person can make a difference” and “be the change you want to see in the world.” Every drop in the bucket is just a drop on its own, but it will eventually add up to a full bucket if one can continue to collect the drops.



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