Mongolian Beef

The recipe that I followed pretty closely can be found here. I also saw a fairly similar recipe from Pinterest that got me interested in this dish. It can be found using this link. Of course, Pinterest has tons of recipe ideas and the name “PF Chang’s Copycat Mongolian Beef” has several listings. The one thing that I did not like about these recipes is that it directed you to use a 1/2 cup to 1 cup (both were different) of oil for frying the meat. To me that is beyond excessive so I reduced the amount to roughly two tablespoons and made out just fine. Because I skimmed a lot of these “same” recipes or glanced at the pictures from Pinterest, I noticed that the vegetables changed from page to page. Both of the recipes I linked only used 2 green onions, but I decided to add more veggies than that. The video below adds julienned carrots, and some other Pinterest recipes used broccoli, so I used both.

And here is the video that I found to be really helpful. 🙂 I found it especially helpful that the lady cuts the meat during the recording. I always have a tough time deciding which way to cut the meat “against the grain.”

Another reason why I liked this video is that it gave me the idea to cook the steak first in the pan, then combine the ingredients for the sauce and cook it separately before combining it with the steak. The recipes above cook the sauce first and reserve it, then cook the steak, and then add the sauce back to the steak to thicken it. This seems like a lot of steps for the same end result. What I didn’t like was the idea of dredging the steak because, let’s face it, I’m all about doing it in as few steps as possible and as quickly as possible. My first recipe suggested to just combine the steak and cornstarch, so I stuck with that simple method.

This dish was pretty straight forward, and I do a good job explaining my process in the video so check it out there!

I found that cooking this dish was quite a bit similar to the Ginger Beef that I made a while back. You will notice in the pictures below that I also made some udon noodles to serve with it. I had plenty of this dish, so I put it all in containers with the noodles and considered making my lunches for the week done!








These are a couple of shots of the dish. You can really see the difference in colour of the sauce as it continues to cook and thicken. It even looks pretty close to the meal in the video above!



 Dinner is served!


A week’s worth of lunches in under an hour is fine by me anytime!


Now for the fun part! Here is my video of making Mongolian Beef.

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3 Responses to Mongolian Beef

  1. jenayat says:

    Wow! Your supper looks amazing! I have never heard of udon noodles but as a pasta lover I am always looking for different kinds of noodles. Where did you get them from? Can you just get them at any grocery store?

    • bannermn says:

      I found this particular kind at The Great Canadian Superstore, but other brands are available in grocery stores like Walmart or Extra Foods. They are really good! They also come in individual packets or multiple packets.

  2. robinamon says:

    I was thoroughly impressed with this dish. There was plenty of flavour to go around and I wished that I could eat it for days. Sadly enough, I found myself licking out the container that Nicki brought for me. This recipe produced this lovely aroma that I am sure would stick to your hair and clothing, but I wouldn’t mind that for another taste of this dish! This is an effortless dish, but it was complex and tasted really refined. A 10/10 on this dish from me!

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