Instant Miso Soup

I really, really hate to say this but…. this was the worst thing I have ever tasted. I learned my lesson, and I learned it well! If you want to try Miso Soup you should really try it from a restaurant first, or at least go through the effort of making the real deal. I used an instant variety of this soup because a friend knew I was doing Asian cooking and suckered me into trying it. I have to say that next time I am out somewhere I will try this soup to see what I really think about it.

So here goes. I didn’t make a video this time because it was all instant, and literally took me two minutes. At least I have pictures!





I have no idea whether this was a good brand or not, but since it was given to me to try, I wasn’t too picky.




I told you the directions were simple. You literally just add hot water to the two packets and stir. Maybe it would have tasted better if there were more steps….




It’s rather funny that the outside packaging and directions are available in English but not the packets.




The brown blob is the soup base paste and then the other packet had a few dehydrated spices and maybe some scallions, with tofu. I do not like tofu, or at least after this first (and last?) experience with tofu, I can safely say I do not like tofu!

And presto! That’s all it took.

Now if only my blog posts could be made instantly…. 😛


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