Pre-Internship Lesson Plans

Below are the lesson plans that I taught during my three week Pre-Internship block. Throughout the three weeks I taught ELA B10, which was co-planned with my partner who also taught this course with another group. During the second and third weeks, I taught ELA 20. In addition, I taught one Life Transitions 20 class, and observed this class as well.

B10 M17 B10 M19 B10 M20 B10 M21 B10 M24 B10 M25 B10 M28 B10 M31 B10 Ap1 B10 Ap2 B10 Ap3 B10 Ap4

ELA20 M25 ELA20 M26 ELA20 M28 ELA20 M31 ELA20 Ap1 ELA20 Ap3

LT20 M19

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  1. bannermn says:

    This post is also found under ECS 410: Assessment and Evaluation in Secondary Schools –> Pre-Internship –> Classroom Experiences

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