Introduction to Me!

Hey all! Check out this video, or read below to find out more about me!

My name is Nicki Bannerman. I am in my fourth year of university. I am currently working towards getting my Bachelor’s of Education for the Secondary program, with a major in English and a minor in Social Studies, while at the same time earning an Arts degree in English.

I would like to incorporate technology into my classroom. The problem will be finding a balance of using technology and “old school” methods of learning, like reading an actual book or writing on actual paper. As an English teacher, I strongly believe that using these methods can strengthen a students’ abilities in these areas. That is not to say that I will not use online resources. I plan on setting up an Edmodo account for my courses. This way I can keep in touch with the students, and also model what a healthy social media site looks like. I don’t really know how to work very many pieces of technology in a way that will be useful and relevant to my classroom learning. I also am not sure how I will handle the ever persistent cell phone problem. What happens when some kids are using it appropriately and others are abusing this privilege?

*Disclaimer: This is my first attempt at using iMovie and Youtube to link my own videos here, so please bear with me during my learning process of these applications. Thank you!

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