Technology in the Classroom: Efficient Tool or Another Area for Assessment?

Confronting Ed-Tech’s ‘Monsters’: Q&A With Blogger Audrey Watters.

This article questions whether we are using computers as a tool in education or as a means to test our students. While education can certainly be made more efficient from using different modes of technology, we as teachers must remember what our goal of using the technology is. Are we using it to make it easier for students to complete assignments, as with the use of typing essays, or are we grading the way that technology is used? Similar to the previous post, Audrey Watters suggests that we look into new ways of presenting knowledge to students instead of using technology to reinforce traditional methods of teaching and learning. This is an idea I struggle with for very simple reasons. First of all, the traditional methods of learning are all I have ever known. Learning from online sources is new to me. However, I am hoping to change that over the duration of this course. Check my “Online Learning” tab under “ECMP355: Computers in Education” to track my progress. The second struggle I have with using technology in the classroom in different ways from traditional methods is that I am technology challenged. I am also hoping to change that this semester, even if it is only in small steps towards the right direction. I am curious to learn how learning from online and technological sources will be different from traditional learning through books and an instructor. Please comment below if you have any suggestions about online learning, such as regarding a teacher using a program in the classroom.

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