Course Blog (Collection of Work)

This section will contain posts from my course blog, Twitter and Google+ contributions. There will be:

  • weekly reflections/responses on course activities, shared media, and presentations;
  • frequent reading and analysis of educational articles, media, and/or blog posts from classmates and other educational bloggers;
  • interaction with other community members through blog comments/pingbacks, conversations, and sharing in the course community, Tweets with the appropriate hashtags, and other forms of networking/sharing;
  • sharing and review of discovered resources and/or tools;
  • appropriate netiquette and a sophisticated technical understanding of blogging (and the use of other media) as social writing; and,
  • the development of ‘pages’ that highlight your professional digital identity such as teaching philosophy, biography, media, lessons & units, professional interests, etc.;
  • originality, creativity, and personalization of the online space
  • a professional photo and biography
  • engagement with educational and other appropriate hashtags
  • presentation of a consistent professional identity that may include appropriate personal interactions
  • evidence of networking and engagement with other educators and content experts
  • sharing of course-related articles and resources
  • evidence of deeper discussion related to course topics
  • evidence of leadership for peer-supported learning (e.g. posting responses to student questions via text, video responses, screencasts, etc.)

(Taken from course outline)

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