Proud To Be

This is a quick clip that was a commercial for the Super Bowl about mascots in sports. While you watch, notice the imagery and the words used to describe First Nations peoples. What do you agree with, or disagree with?

Here’s my thoughts.
As many rich and diverse nations, these cultures deserve to call themselves words like “proud,” “survivor,” “unyielding,” “strong,” “resilient” and “indomitable.” They have survived centuries of influence, oppression and marginalization. It has gone so far as to call this astonishing group of people that once roamed this land with little worries, in comparison to current times, a minority. It is a shame that these people face the hardships associated with racism and thus rightfully describe themselves as “underserved,” “forgotten” and “struggling.”
The video lists the many roles that First Nations people can have, many the same as any other person, such as a mother, father, son, daughter, chief, teacher, doctor, and soldier. Except for chief, any other human being can fit several of these roles. These are roles that show the values of family and culture. These are the positive images we should keep in mind for our students when we speak about First Nations people, not the Red Skins, a term that is undoubtedly derogatory.

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