Kumashiro describes three kinds of programs that produce teachers. Which image best describes your own experience of learning to be a teacher in this program?

In chapter 1, Kumashiro describes three kinds of programs that produce teachers: teacher as learned practitioner, teacher as researcher and teacher as professional. The option I feel best describes my program is teacher as learned practitioner, although clearly other elements are integrated as well. Our program uses materials that aim to teach students in ways that do not repeat commonsensical approaches to teaching. We spend a lot of time discussing other viewpoints and the ways that those social groups think differently. Also, in our program we learn about how student develop and learn through several dominant theories. These theories are learned in the mandated, not elective, classes that begin the program and are repeated or reviewed throughout other classes in addition. Some of these theories of learning are linked to educational psychology theories. We also spend a great deal of time learning about our chosen areas through different classes. This helps us to learn what we will be teaching and how to demonstrate this knowledge. Although we realize that we may be placed in a job that is not under our chosen areas, we spend this time on these areas to help us gain better insight and become prepared to teach our students in our ideal areas. Another reason I think this program is suited to teacher as learned practitioner is that we learn about “how to teach”, classroom management and instruction in our disciplines. In short, this program teaches pre-service teachers how to know their students, their subjects and how to teach.

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